# Article Title Date Author
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107 Subliminal terror? Human rights violations and torture in Zimbabwe during 2008. Jun 2009 Reeler, T.
108 Dictating the local balance of power Jun 2009 Bruce, D.
109 Why does South Africa have such high rates of violent crime? Apr 2009 Webmaster
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114 Building a Future on Peace and Justice:Studies on Transitional Justice, Peace and Development The Nuremberg Declaration on Peace and Justice Jan 2009 N. Valji
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118 “We need to do it for ourselves” An Evaluation of the CSVR Ex-Combatant Policy Dialogue Project. Nov 2008 Adonis, C.
119 Post Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Alternative Prosecution Policy Framework for Political Violence of the Past Nov 2008 CSVR Transitional Justice Programme
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127 Scaling up for Zero Tolerance: Civil Society Leadership in Eliminating Violence Against Women and Girls in Ghana, Rwanda, and South Africa Aug 2008 Global Aids Alliance
128 Study of the Violent Nature of Crime in South Africa – Creating a violence free society Aug 2008 CSVR
129 The Violent Nature of Crime in South Africa – A concept paper prepared for the Justice, Crime Prevention and Security Cluster Aug 2008 CSVR
130 Streets of Pain, Streets of Sorrow – The circumstances of the occurrence of murder in six areas with high rates of murder. Aug 2008 CSVR
131 "The Road Back: Psycho-social Strains of Transition for South Africa's Ex-combatants". Aug 2008 Gear, S.
132 Submission to parliament on proposed closure of Scorpions Jul 2008 CSVR
133 Understanding current xenophobic attacks and how South Africa can move forward. Jun 2008 csvr
134 Double Jeopardy: Women migrants and refugees in South Africa Jun 2008 Fuller, R.
135 Without Fear or Favour: The Scorpions and the politics of justice Jun 2008 Bruce, D.
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148 Undamaged Reputations? Implications for the South African criminal justice system of the allegations against and prosecution of Jacob Zuma Oct 2007 Matshiqi, A.
149 Expanding Abused Women's Access to Housing Oct 2007 Emdon, E.
150 Bureaucracy versus Democratisation. The promulgation of the Criminal Law (Sexual Offences and Related Matters) Amendment Bill. Oct 2007 Fuller, R.

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