# Article Title Date Author
151 After the transition – justice, the judiciary, and respect for the law in South Africa. Oct 2007 csvr
152 History on Their Own Terms: The relevance of the past Oct 2007 Naidu, E. & Adonis, C.
153 To be someone: status insecurity and violence in South Africa. Sep 2007 Bruce, D.
154 Policy Dialogue: Skills Development and Job Creation Sep 2007 csvr
155 Doing Time in a Gauteng Juvenile Correctional Centre for Males Sep 2007 Gear, S.
156 Good Cops? Bad Cops? Assessing the South African Police Service Sep 2007 Bruce, D.
157 Fear, Violence and Sexual Violence in a Gauteng Juvenile Correctional Centre for Males Sep 2007 Gear, S.
158 External Evaluation of the Three Year Integrated Youth Offender Programme in Boksburg Correctional Centre South Africa Aug 2007 Roper, M.
159 Behind the Bars of Masculinity: Male Rape and Homophobia in and about South African Men's Prisons. Jun 2007 Gear, S.
160 Youth Peacebuilding Training: Sudan Jun 2007 Hulley, C.
161 Youth Peacebuilding Training: Sudan Jun 2007 Hulley, C.
162 In Service of the People's Democracy: An assessment of the South African Police Service May 2007 Bruce, D., Newham, G. & Masuku, T.
163 An Overview of the Implementation of the SAPS Policy & Five Year (2000 -2005) Strategic Plan On HIV & AIDS: The Case of the Johannesburg Policing Area May 2007 Masuku, T.
164 CSVR 2007 Annual Report Jan 2007 csvr
165 Evaluation of the 2005 Ex-Combatants' Dialogues. Dec 2006 Greenbaum, B.
166 Minority Report: The imprisonment of women and girls in Gauteng. Dec 2006 Haffejee, S., Vetten, L. & Greyling, M.
167 Violence and Abuse in the Lives of Women and Girls Incarcerated in Three Gauteng Women's Prisons Dec 2006 Haffejee, S., Vetten, L. & Greyling, M.
168 Situational Analysis of Boksburg Youth Centre: Sexual Violence in Prison Pilot Project (Dec 2004 – Jan 2005) Survey Report. Dec 2006 Gear, S. Isserow, M. Nevill, C.
169 Using the Law to Secure Women's Rights to Housing and Security of Tenure: A brief examination of some key aspects of family and customary law and domestic violence legislation Dec 2006 Gerntholtz, L. & Nsibande, N.
170 Struggles in Peacetime: Working with ex-combatants in Mozambique - their work, their frustrations and successes. Dec 2006 Posthumus, B., Mungoi, S., van der Merwe, H. & Smith, R.
171 The People Shall Govern: A research report on public participation in policy processes Dec 2006 Tadesse, E., Ameck, G., Christensen, C., Masiko, P., Matlhakola, M., Shilaho, W. & Smith, R.
172 Women on the Run: Female Survivors of Torture Amongst Zimbabwean Asylum Seekers and Refugees in South Africa Dec 2006 Zimbabwe Torture Victims Project & Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation
173 Uganda's National Reconciliation Path: An Integrated and Sustainable Developmental Approach Dec 2006 Malakalaka, M.
174 Our Journey with HIV & AIDS Nov 2006 Hulley, C., Lebeloane, M., Tshabalala, & Khosa, D.
175 The politics of restorative justice in post-conflict South Africa and beyond. Sep 2006 Vanspauwen, K and Rontsch, R.
176 Is Punishment the Appropriate Response to Gross Human Rights Violations? Is a Non-punitive Justice System Feasible? Sep 2006 Fattah, E.A.
177 Building Respect for the Badge: The management of the use of force by police Sep 2006 Bruce, D.
178 "Marriage is Like Sitting on Red Coals": A case study of domestic violence in four villages of the Moretele District, Tshwane Metropole Sep 2006 Hargreaves, S., Vetten, L., Schneider, V., Malepe, L. & Fuller, R.
179 Waiting Opportunities: Adolescent girls experiences of gender-based violence at schools Sep 2006 Haffejee, S.
180 Going somewhere slowly? A comparison of the implementation of the Domestic Violence Act (no. 116 of 1998) in an urban and semi-urban site Aug 2006 Vetten, L. & Schneider, V.
181 The Ties that Bind: Strengthening the links between memorialisation and transitional justice Aug 2006 Naidu, E.
182 Racism, Self-Esteem and Violence in SA: Gaps in the NCPS’ Explanation? Jul 2006 Bruce, D.
183 Towards a New Approach: Monitoring Metropolitan Police Departments by the Gauteng Department for Community Safety Jun 2006 Newham, G.
184 Equal or Different: Comparing women and men's use of the Domestic Violence Act (no. 116 of 1998). Jun 2006 Schneider, V. & Vetten, L.
185 Shades of Prejudice: An Investigation into the South African Media's Coverage of Racial Violence and Xenophobia Jun 2006 Fine, J. & Bird, W.
186 Between a rock and a hard place: Violence, transition and democratisation. A consolidated review of the Violence and Transition Project. Apr 2006 Harris, B.
187 Diversity and Transformation in the South African Police Service: A study of police perspectives on race, gender and the community in the Johannesburg policing area Mar 2006 Newham, G., Masuku, T. & Dlamini, J.
188 Staggering under the burden: ICD policies on the receipt of complaints and on investigations and their negative impact on the ICD, on public confidence, and on police discipline. Feb 2006 Bruce, D.
189 Ghana's National Reconciliation Commission: A comparative assessment Jan 2006 Valji, N.
190 Child-Headed Households & Human Rights: A capacity-building guide Jan 2006 Hulley, C., Lebeloane, M., Tshabalala, & Khosa, D.
191 Battered Women Who Kill: Avenues for Legal/Political Recourse Dec 2005 Pillay, K.
192 Offenders as Victims: exploring the interchangeability of victim and offender roles. Dec 2005 Dissel, A.
193 Prison Overcrowding and the Constitutional Right to Adequate Accommodation in South Africa. Dec 2005 Steinberg, J.
194 Vuka S'hambe: Young prisoners' awakening Dec 2005 Mkhondo, L.
195 Ex-Combatant Reintegration in South Africa – Key Resources Dec 2005 Records, R.
196 The dirty work of democracy Dec 2005 Altbeker, A.
197 Challenges of the Criminal Justice System in addressing the needs of victims and witnesses. Dec 2005 Bruce, D.
198 The Police That We Want: A handbook for oversight of police in South Africa. Dec 2005 Bruce, D. & Neild, R.
199 Community Policing and Accountability at Station Level. Dec 2005 Maroga, M.
200 Strengthening Democratic Policing in South Africa through internal systems for officer control Dec 2005 Newham, G.

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