# Article Title Date Author
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206 Confronting the Legacy of Weapons in Richmond, KwaZulu-Natal. Dec 2005 Nebandla, I.
207 "Show Me the Money": A review of budgets allocated towards the implementation of the Domestic Violence Act (no. 116 of 1998) Nov 2005 Vetten, L.
208 The Price of Protection: Costing the implementation of the Domestic Violence Act (no. 116 of 1998) Oct 2005 Vetten, L., Budlender, D. & Schneider, V.
209 Putting People First? A survey of witness satisfaction in three Gauteng Magistrates' Courts Sep 2005 Bruce, D. & Isserow, M.
210 Transitioning Out of Violence: Snapshots from Kathorus Aug 2005 Barolsky, V.
211 Interpreting the Body Count: South African statistics on lethal police violence Aug 2005 Bruce, D
212 Safety and Security in the Rural Parts of Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Area Aug 2005 Dhlamini, J. & Dissel, A.
213 A Decade of Crime Prevention in South Africa from National Strategy to Local Challenge Aug 2005 Newham, G.
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219 Victim Services for Human Rights Violations in Malawi Apr 2005 Amoah, J. & Greenbaum, B.
220 A review of the Integrated Youth Offender Programme piloted in Boksburg Juvenile Correctional Centre with the "Inkanyezi yentathakusa". Mar 2005 Roper, M.
221 Seeking Reconciliation and Reintegration: Assessment of a Pilot Restorative Justice Mediation Project Feb 2005 Ramírez-Barat, C. & van der Merwe, H.
222 Reconciliation through Amnesty? Amnesty Applicants' Views of the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission Jan 2005 Abrahamsen, T. & van der Merwe, H.
223 Victims' Perspectives about the Human Rights Violations Hearings Jan 2005 Picker, R.
224 Urban Predators Jan 2005 Vetten, L. & Haffejee, S.
225 Key Resources on Reparations in Southern Africa Jan 2005 Colvin, C.
226 Key Resources on Social and Political Reconciliation in Southern Africa Jan 2005 Colvin, C.
227 Has Everything Been Done? The Nature of Assistance to Victims of Past Political Atrocities in Southern Africa Jan 2005 Amoah, J. & Greenbaum, B.
228 Ex-Combatant Reintegration in South Africa – Key Resources. Jan 2005 Records, R.
229 Resources on Services for Victims of Political Violence in Southern Africa Jan 2005 Southern Africa Reconciliation Project
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231 An Overview of the Housing Policy and Debates, Particularly in Relation to Women (or Vulnerable Groupings). Dec 2004 Charlton, S.
232 Customary Law and Domestic Violence in Rural South African Communities Dec 2004 Curran, E. & Bonthuys, E.
233 Nongoloza's Children: Western Cape prison gangs during and after apartheid. Dec 2004 Steinberg, J.
234 Submission to the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Correctional Services on the Draft White Paper on Corrections in South Africa Dec 2004 Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation
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239 Symbolic Reparations: A fractured opportunity Dec 2004 Naidu, E.
240 Evaluation of the 2005 Ex-Combatants' Dialogues Dec 2004 Greenbaum, B.
241 A Snake Gives Birth to a Snake: Politics and Crime in the Transition to Democracy in South Africa Dec 2004 Simpson, G.
242 "That place is kwaMnyamandawo": Fear and Survival Strategies among Homeless Women Living in Inner-City Johannesburg Dec 2004 Dladla, J., Hargreaves, S., Greenberg, S. & Vetten, L.
243 Health and Hope in Our Hands Dec 2004 Bhana, K, Gerntholtz, L., Hurt, K., Meeson, A. & Vetten, L.
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250 Local Level Civilian Oversight of the Metropolitan Police Departments in South Africa Jun 2004 Newham, G.

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