# Article Title Date Author
251 Good Management Practices for Promoting Police Integrity Jun 2004 Newham, G. & Maroga, M.
252 "Every Six Hours": A national study of female homicide in South Africa. Jun 2004 Mathews, S., Abrahams, N., Martin, L., Vetten, L., van der Merwe, L. & Jewkes, R.
253 Race and Reconciliation in a Post-TRC South Africa May 2004 Valji, N.
254 Provincial Government Oversight of the Police. Apr 2004 Newham, G. & Bruce, D.
255 The Report of the 2004 SAPS Area Johannesburg Strategic Management Imbizo Mar 2004 Newham, G.
256 Towards a Safety Strategy for the Education and Heritage Components of the Greater Kliptown Development Project Mar 2004 Newham, G.
257 Sector Policing: What are the challenges? Feb 2004 Maroga, M.
258 The State of Access to Information in South Africa Jan 2004 McKinley, D.
259 Traditional leaders in the eThekwini Metropolitan region: Their role in crime prevention and safety promotion Jan 2004 Palmary, I.
260 Youth & Identity Jan 2004 Barclay, H.
261 Youth & Conflict Jan 2004 Barclay, H.
262 Youth & Citizenship Jan 2004 Barclay, H.
263 Youth & Reconciliation Jan 2004 Barclay, H.
264 Southern Africa Reconciliation Project: Khulumani Case Study Jan 2004 Makhalemele, O.
265 Still not talking: Government's exclusive reparations policy and the impact of the 30 000 financial reparations on survivors Jan 2004 Makhalemele, O.
266 Alliance for Crime Prevention Position Paper on Corrections Dec 2003 Dissel, A. & Muntingh, L.
267 A Case Study of Constitution Hill Dec 2003 Naidu, E.
268 Killing and the Constitution – arrest and the use of lethal force Dec 2003 Bruce, D.
269 Out of Step: Integrity and the South African Police Service Dec 2003 Newham, G.
270 Youth Position Paper Prepared for the Crime Prevention Alliance Dec 2003 Palmary, I.
271 South African Criminal Law and Battered Women Who Kill: Discussion Document 1 Dec 2003 Ludsin, H.
272 South African Criminal Law and Battered Women Who Kill: Discussion Document 2 Dec 2003 Ludsin, H.
273 Creating the Nation: The Rise of Violent Xenophobia in the New South Africa Nov 2003 Valji, N.
274 Police Attitudes and Corruption: The Findings of the Police Integrity Measurement Survey at three police stations in Johannesburg Oct 2003 Newham, G.
275 Preventing Police Corruption: Lessons from the New York City Police Department Aug 2003 Newham, G.
276 Towards an Anti-Corruption Strategy for SAPS Area Johannesburg Aug 2003 Newham, G.
277 Giving Women their Voice: Domestic Violence and Restorative Justice in South Africa Jul 2003 Dissel, A. & Ngubeni, K.
278 Gripes or Grievances? What the Independent Complaints Directorate statistics tell us (or not) Jun 2003 Bruce, D.
279 Bad Cops Get a Break: The closure of the SAPS Anti-Corruption Unit Jun 2003 Newham, G. & Gomomo, L.
280 Your Brother, My Wife: Sex and gender behind bars. Jun 2003 Gear, S. & Ngubeni, K.
281 Spaces of violence, places of fear: Urban conflict in post-apartheid South Africa Jun 2003 Harris, B.
282 Democratic Reform of Police – Any Lessons for Kenya from South Africa? Apr 2003 Bruce, D.
283 Giving a Face to Crime: Report on the Second Phase of the Restorative Justice Initiative Victim Offender Conference Project. Apr 2003 Dissel, A.
284 Sector Policing: A New Approach to Community Policing Apr 2003 Newham, G.
285 South Africa: no justice without reparation Jan 2003 Valji, N.
286 The Role of the Church in Promoting Reconciliation in Post–TRC South Africa. Jan 2003 van der Merwe, H.
287 "We are Living in a Forgotten Place": Safety in the Cross-Border Parts of the City of Tshwane Jan 2003 Palmary, I. & Ngubeni, K.
288 Now that the War is Over - Ex-combatants Transition and the Question of Violence: A literature review. Dec 2002 Gear, S
289 Daai Ding: Sex, sexual violence and coercion in men's prisons. Dec 2002 Gear, S. & Ngubeni, K.
290 Racism and Discrimination in the South African Penal System. Dec 2002 Dissel, A. & Kollapen, J.
291 Reform and Stasis: Transformation in South African Prisons. Dec 2002 Dissel, A. & Ellis, S.
292 Building Integrated Classrooms Dec 2002 Geyer, Y. & Moat, C.
293 Civilian Review: A proposed role for civilian oversight committees in promoting accountability in municipal police departments Dec 2002 Bruce, D.
294 Police Brutality in South Africa Dec 2002 Bruce, D.
295 Preventing Criminality Among Young People. Dec 2002 Palmary, I. & Moat, C.
296 Wishing Us Away: Challenges facing ex-combatants in the 'new' South Africa Dec 2002 Gear, S.
297 Xenophobia: A new pathology for a new South Africa? Dec 2002 Harris, B.
298 Midlands Dec 2002 Steinberg, J.
299 Thinking Big: The National Urban Renewal Programme and Crime Prevention in South Africa's Metropolitan cities Dec 2002 Rauch, J.
300 Crime in South Africa's Metropolitan Areas, 2001 Dec 2002 Isserow, M.

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