# Article Title Date Author
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312 Monitoring Police Violence and Torture in South Africa Apr 2002 Pigou, P.
313 "Uncivil Society" - Challenges for Reconciliation and Justice in South Africa After the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Apr 2002 Simpson, G.
314 The Legal Framework on the Use of Lethal Force in Effecting Arrest - a new Section 49? Mar 2002 Bruce, D.
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326 Journey into the Inner Self and Encounter with the Other: Transformation Trails with Militarised Youth of Katorus Dec 2001 Schell-Faucon, S.
327 Journey into the Inner Self and Encounter with the Other: Transformation Trails with Militarised Youth of Katorus Dec 2001 Schell-Faucon, S.
328 Now we have nothing: Exploring the impact of maternal imprisonment on children whose mothers killed an abusive partner. Dec 2001 Bhana, K. & Hochfeld, T.
329 Paper Promises, Protests and Petitions Dec 2001 Vetten, L.
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