# Article Title Date Author
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352 Principled Choices: Medical Ethics in South Africa Jan 2001 Ernest, C. (ed).
353 Future Challenges to Policy-Making in Countries in Transition Jan 2001 Simpson, G., Hamber, B. & Stott, N.
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357 Towards Understanding and Combating Police Corruption Dec 2000 Newham, G.
358 Police Reform and South Africa's Transition Dec 2000 Rauch, J.
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360 Reasonable Force? Use of force review as a learning process Dec 2000 Bruce, D.
361 The Conditions of Custody Police Holding Cells. In Crime and Conflict Dec 2000 Dissel, A. & Ngubeni, K.
362 Invisible Girls and Violent Boys: Gender and Gangs in South Africa. Dec 2000 Vetten, L.
363 'We Are Still Struggling': Storytelling, Reparations and Reconciliation after the TRC Dec 2000 Colvin, C.
364 Evaluation of the Health Sector Hearing: Conceptualising Human Rights and Reconciliation Dec 2000 van der Merwe, H.
365 Attacks on Farms and Smallholdings: An evaluation of the rural protection plan Dec 2000 Schönteich, M. & Steinberg, J.
366 Transformation and the Internal Disciplinary System of the South African Police Service Nov 2000 Newham, G.
367 Testifying Without Fear: A Report on Witness Management and the National Witness Protection Programme in South Africa Oct 2000 Irish, J., Magadhla, W., Qhobosheane, K. & Newham, G.
368 Restoring the Harmony: A Report on a Victim Offender Conferencing Pilot Project Oct 2000 Dissel, A.
369 Are South Africans Responsible Firearm Owners? Evidence from 1,000 dockets Sep 2000 Altbeker, A., Adams, J., Wallenberg, G., Sokhulu, T., Richards, K. & Churchill, C.
370 Magistrates Under Apartheid: A case study of professional ethics and the politicisation of justice Aug 2000 Gready, P. & Kgalema, L.
371 Lesson Drawing from Negotiated Transitions in Northern Ireland and South Africa Aug 2000 Brocklehurst, H., Stott, N.,Hamber, B. & Robinson, G.
372 Assessing City Safety Developments in Cape Town: July 2000 Jul 2000 Memeza, M.
373 Social Crime Prevention in South Africa's Major Cities Jun 2000 Palmary, I.
374 Effective Crime Investigation and Prosecution – The Link Between Victim and Witness Issues Jun 2000 Bruce, D.
375 Women's Fear and Survival in Inner-city Johannesburg Jun 2000 Vetten, L. & Dladla, J.
376 The Prevention of Police Action and Custody Deaths Apr 2000 Bruce, D.
377 Violence in South Africa : key factors in the background of young serious offenders Mar 2000 Wedge, P., Boswell, G. & Dissel, A.
378 Lesson Drawing from Negotiated Transitions in Northern Ireland and South Africa Jan 2000 Brocklehurst, H., Stott, N., Hamber, B. & Robinson, G.
379 Repairing the Irreparable: Dealing with double-binds of making reparations for crimes of the past Jan 2000 Hamber, B.
380 From Rhetoric to Responsibility: Making reparations to the surviviors of past political violence in South Africa Jan 2000 Hamber, B. & Mofokeng, T. (eds).
381 "Telling It Like It Is...": Understanding the Truth and Reconciliation Commission from the Perspective of Survivors. Jan 2000 Hamber, B., Nageng, D. & O'Malley, G.
382 Creating a Space for Remembrance: The Healing of Memories Process Jan 2000 Kayser, U.
383 Transformation of the Magistracy: Balancing independence and accountability in the new democratic order Jan 2000 Kgalema, L. & Gready, P.
384 Rebuilding Fractured Societies: Reconstruction, reconciliation and the changing nature of violence - Some self-critical insights from post-apartheid South Africa Jan 2000 Simpson, G.
385 An Analysis of Safety and Security Developments in the Greater Johannesburg Metropolitan Area. Jan 2000 Memeza, M.
386 By-law Enforcement in South African Cities Jan 2000 Memeza, M.
387 City Government's Contribution to Urban Safety: A baseline report on developments in major South African cities: June 2000 Jan 2000 Memeza, M. & Rauch, J.
388 An Analysis of Safety and Security in the Greater Pretoria Metropolitan Area Jan 2000 Palmary, I.
389 Submission Regarding the Proposed Independent Complaints Directorate White Paper Oct 1999 Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation.
390 A Lonely Way to Die: An examination of deaths in police custody Jul 1999 Dissel, A. & Ngubeni, K.
391 Conflict in Society: Policing in partnership? Community policing and public order policing, an integrated approach Jun 1999 Hendrickx, E. & van Ryckeghem, D.
392 A New Day? Controlling Police Violence and Corruption Jun 1999 Altbeker, A., Klipin, J. & Bruce, D.
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394 International and Regional Co-operation in Crime Prevention. Jun 1999 van der Spuy, E.
395 A Review of Government Expenditure on the National Crime Prevention Strategy 1996-1999 Jun 1999 Altbeker, A. & Rauch, J.
396 "Have No Doubt it is Fear in the Land": An exploration of the continuing cycles of Violence in South Africa. May 1999 Hamber, B.
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400 "Asicamtheni Magents" - Let's Talk, Magents. Feb 1999 Segal, L., Pelo, J. & Rampa, P.

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