# Article Title Date Author
401 Kids Behind Bars: Talking to young inmates. Feb 1999 Dissel, A.
402 Children Serving Gaol Sentences: A profile on children sentenced to prison Feb 1999 Dissel, A.
403 The Relevance of the National Crime Prevention Strategy for Sustainable Development in South Africa Feb 1999 Newham, G.
404 Violence against women in metropolitan South Africa: A study on impact and service delivery Feb 1999 Bollen, S., Artz, L., Vetten, L. & Louw, A.
405 Reflections on the First Year of the National Crime Prevention Strategy Feb 1999 Simpson, G. & Rauch, J
406 Symbols of Hope: Monuments as symbols of remembrance and peace in the process of reconciliation Feb 1999 Kgalema, L.
407 The Past Imperfect: Exploring Northern Ireland, South Africa and Guatemala Feb 1999 Hamber, B.
408 From Truth to Transformation: The Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa Feb 1999 Hamber, B. & Kibble, S.
409 Symbolic Closure Through Memory, Reparation and Revenge in Post-conflict Societies Jan 1999 Hamber, B. & Wilson, R.
410 Counsellors' Appraisals of the Wits Trauma Counselling Model: Strengths and limitations. Jan 1999 Hajiyiannis, H. & Robertson, M.
411 Who Pays for Peace? Implications of the negotiated settlement for reconciliation, transformation and violence in a post-apartheid South Africa Oct 1998 Hamber, B.
412 A Brief Evaluation of South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission: Some lessons for societies in transition. Oct 1998 Simpson, G.
413 The South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission and Community Resolution Oct 1998 van der Merwe, H.
414 Towards a Strategy for Prevention: The occurrence of deaths in custody or as a result of police action in Gauteng, April - December 1997 Jul 1998 Bruce, D.
415 Living with the Legacy of Impunity: Lessons for South Africa about Truth, Justice and Crime in Brazil Jul 1998 Hamber, B.
416 To Protect and Abuse: An exploratory study discussing intimate partners of police as victims of domestic abuse Jun 1998 Nix, J.
417 The Policing of Public Gatherings and Demonstrations in South Africa 1960-1994 May 1998 Rauch, J. & Storey, D.
418 From Violent Policies to Policies for Violence Prevention: Violence, Power and Mental Health Policy in 20th Century South Africa Mar 1998 Butchard, A., Hamber, B., Terre Blanche, M. & Seedat, M.
419 Frozen Emotions: Women's experience of violence and trauma in El Salvador; Kenya and Rwanda Mar 1998 Dewhirst, P.
420 The Illusions of Sanctuary and the Weight of the Past: Notes on violence and gender in South Africa Mar 1998 Simpson, G. & Kraak, G.
421 The Influence of Gender on Research: A critique of two victim surveys Mar 1998 Vetten, L.
422 The Burdens of Truth: An evaluation of the Psychological Support Services and initiatives undertaken by the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission Mar 1998 Hamber, B.
423 Crime and Crime Prevention in Greater Johannesburg: The views of police station commissioners Mar 1998 Rauch, J.
424 Inside and Outside the Boundaries of Police Corruption Feb 1998 Syed, T. & Bruce, D.
425 Remembering to Forget: Issues to consider when establishing structures for dealing with the past Feb 1998 Hamber, B.
426 The Role of Provincial Executives in Safety and Security in South Africa: A policy analysis Feb 1998 Rauch, J.
427 Police Corruption: Towards a Working Definition. In African Security Review, Vol. 7, No. 1 Feb 1998 Syed, T. & Bruce, D.
428 Into the Heart of Darkness: Journeys of the Amagents in crime, violence and death. Feb 1998 Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation.
429 Urban Crime and Violence in South Africa Feb 1998 Simpson, G.
430 Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde: Violence and transition in South Africa Feb 1998 Hamber, B.
431 Submission to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission: Survivors' Perceptions of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and Suggestions for the Final Report Feb 1998 Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation & Khulumani Support Group.
432 Past Imperfect: Dealing with the Past in Northern Ireland and Societies in Transition. Feb 1998 Hamber, B. (ed).
433 Restoring the Social Fabric Dec 1997 Zwane, W.
434 The Use of Evsys for Preparing a Human Rights Database for Presentation to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) in South Africa Nov 1997 Levin, L., Dewhirst, P. & Hamber, B.
435 Evaluating the Role and Function of Civil Society in a Changing South Africa: The Truth and Reconciliation Commission as a Case Study Nov 1997 Hamber, B., Mofokeng, T. & Simpson, G.
436 Victims and the Criminal Justice System in South Africa Oct 1997 Mistry, D.
437 Roots of a Rape Crisis Jun 1997 Vetten, L.
438 An Overview of the Consequences of Violence and Trauma in South Africa Jun 1997 Hamber, B. & Lewis, S.
439 Theoretical and Therapeutic Aspects of Extrafamilial Child Rape in the South African Context: A preliminary exploration May 1997 Lewis, S.
440 Youth, Street Gangs and Violence in South Africa May 1997 Dissel, A.
441 Reconstruction and Reconciliation: Emerging from transition May 1997 Simpson, G.
442 A Review of Community Policing Apr 1997 Mistry, D.
443 Geography and Sexual Violence: Mapping rape in Johannesburg Mar 1997 Vetten, L.
444 SA National Directory of Counselling and Psychological Services for Victims of Violence Feb 1997 Vienings, N.
445 SisaKhuluma: We are Still Speaking (video) Feb 1997 Segal, L., Hamber, B. & Hahn, H.
446 Not Victimless: Understanding the harmful effects of police corruption Feb 1997 Syed, T.
447 Community Safety and Security: Crime prevention and development at the local level. Feb 1997 Bruce, D.
448 Man Shoots Wife": Intimate femicide in Gauteng, South Africa Dec 1996 Vetten, L.
449 Crime and Violence: The need for victim support in South Africa Nov 1996 Simpson, G.
450 The Public, the Police and Australian Gun Policy Oct 1996 Sarre, R.

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