# Article Title Date Author
451 Prison Conditions and Human Rights Sep 1996 Dissel, A.
452 Anti-Gay Hate Crimes: Need for police involvement to curb violence committed against gays Apr 1996 Theron, A. & Bezuidenhout, C.
453 Between Acknowledgement and Ignorance: How white South Africans have dealt with the apartheid past. Mar 1996 Theissen, G.
454 Putting a Face on the Past: Survivor-offender mediation and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Feb 1996 Stauffer, C. & Hamber, B.
455 Comments on the Kampala Declaration. Feb 1996 Dissel, A.
456 South Africa's Prison Conditions: The inmates talk. Feb 1996 Dissel, A.
457 The Passing out Parade: Demilitarisation of the Correctional Services. Feb 1996 Dissel, A.
458 South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission Feb 1996 Simpson, G. & van Zyl, P.
459 Piloting Victim-Offender Conferencing in South Africa Dec 1995 Dissel, A.
460 Truth and Reconciliation: Realising the ideals Dec 1995 Newham, G.
461 Community Policing in Gauteng: Policy issues Nov 1995 Rakgoadi, P.
462 Final Report of The Children and Violence Intervention Project: January 1994 - November 1995 Nov 1995 Mdhluli, D. & Zwane, W.
463 Keeping the Wolves at Bay: Issues and concerns in establishing a witness protection programme in South Africa Oct 1995 Newham, G.
464 Political Pawns or Social Agents? A look at militarised youth in South Africa Sep 1995 Marks, M. & McKenzie, P.
465 Investigation Units: The teeth of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Sep 1995 Newham, G.
466 Do Sleeping Dogs Lie? The psychological implications of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa. Jul 1995 Hamber, B.
467 Community Policing, Human Rights and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Jul 1995 Marks, M.
468 Community Policing and Governance. Jul 1995 Rakgoadi, P.
469 Alternative Policing Structures? A look at youth defense structures in Gauteng in 1995 Jul 1995 Marks, M.
470 Dealing with the Past and the Psychology of Reconciliation: The Truth and Reconciliation Commission, a psychological perspective. Jun 1995 Hamber, B.
471 Challenges Facing the Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union in 1995. Jun 1995 Marks, M.
472 Our Boys in Blue can Toyi-Toyi Too! Labour relations in the South African Police as part of the Public Service Jun 1995 Marks, M. & Ali N.
473 Onward Marching Comrades: The career of the charterist movement in Diepkloof, Soweto Jun 1995 Marks, M.
474 Stresses in the South African Police Service. Jun 1995 Marks, M.
475 The Peculiar Temporality of Violence Mar 1995 Thornton, R.
476 "We are Fighting for the Liberation of our People": Justifications of violence by activist youth in Diepkloof, Soweto Mar 1995 Marks, M.
477 Report on Correctional Services Tour to Denmark, Holland and Britain Mar 1995 Dissel, A.
478 The Pathway to Murder: A Social Psychological Study of the Evolution of Violence in an Industrial Dispute. Mar 1995 Vogelman, L.
479 Police Community Study Tour to the Netherlands Feb 1995 Ngubeni, K.
480 Unfinished Business: Problems in our prisons continue Feb 1995 Dissel, A.
481 Sentencing Options in South Africa Feb 1995 Dissel, A. & Mnyani, M.
482 Life After the Death Penalty: Different penal options to be considered in the light of the abolition of capital punishment Feb 1995 Mnyani, M.
483 The Death Penalty and Public Opinion Feb 1995 Zlotnick, M.
484 "We are Fighting for the Liberation of our People": Justifications of violence by activist youth in Diepkloof, Soweto Feb 1995 Marks, M.
485 Khulumani - Speak Out (video) Feb 1995 Hahn, H. & Segal, L.
486 The Role of the Self-Defence Units (SDUs) in a Changing Political Context Jan 1995 Rakgoadi, P.
487 The Role of Culture in the Process of Reconciliation in South Africa Nov 1994 Mda, Z.
488 Input on Community Police Forums Nov 1994 Lue, M.
489 Psychology in a Future South Africa: The need for a National Psychology Development Programme Nov 1994 Rock, B. & Hamber, B
490 Female Circumcision: Cultural right or human wrong? Oct 1994 van Zyl, P.
491 Reconciliation: From Rhetoric to Reality. The contribution of civil society to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Sep 1994 van Zyl, P. & Simpson, G.
492 "Truth, Dare or Promise": Civil society and the proposed commission on truth and reconciliation Aug 1994 Simpson, G.
493 Reconciliation and Civil Society Aug 1994 Storey, P.
494 Submission to the Technical Committee Appointed by the Minister of Safety and Security, Mr Sydney Mufamadi, on the Police Bill. Aug 1994 Lue, M.
495 Rights, Reparations and Reconciliation: Some comparative notes Jul 1994 Edelstein, J.
496 The State of Community Police Forums (CPFs) and Their Challenges Jul 1994 Mistry, D.
497 Creating a New South African Police Service: Priorities in the post-election period Jul 1994 Rauch, J., Levin, N., Lue, M. & Ngubeni, K.
498 Proposed Legislation on Amnesty/Indemnity and the establishment of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission Jun 1994 Simpson, G.
499 Meeting the Challenge of Change? Notes on Policing and Transition in South Africa. May 1994 Levin, N., Ngubeni, K. & Simpson, G.
500 Business and Endemic Violence in South Africa: Surviving the disaster or managing the transition? Mar 1994 Simpson, G.

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