# Article Title Date Author
51 Perspectives Panafricaines sur la Réparation : Bulletin spécial sur la réparation pour les victimes de la torture en Afrique. Jul 2013 APDH, EIPR, CSVR, PRAWA, REDRESS
52 African Union Transitional Justice Policy Framework in Practice: Implementing Accountability Measures May 2013 Brankovic, Jasmina. Roht-Arriaza, Naomi,
53 Peace, Justice and Accountability after War and Dictatorship Prospects for the African Context : Workshop Report Apr 2013 Hamilton, Leigh and Van der Merwe, Hugo.
54 Homophobia, Injustice and ‘Corrective Rape’ in Post-Apartheid South Africa Apr 2013 Thomas, Kylie.
55 The Power of Naming: ‘Senseless Violence’ and Violent Law in Post-Apartheid South Africa Apr 2013 Thomas, Kylie.
56 The Persistence of Military Identities Among Ex-Combatants in South Africa Apr 2013 Maringira, Godfrey, Jasmina Brankovic
57 Opportunities and Challenges of South - South Partnership Reflections on a Collaborative Research Project on Violence and Transition in Africa Apr 2013 Van der Merwe, Hugo, Nicky Rousseau, Naana Marekia, Pamela Machakanja and Eunice Bere.
58 Exploring experiences of torture and CIDT that ocurred in South Africa amonst non-nationals living in Johannesburg Feb 2013 Langa, Malose.
59 Leaving the Gangster Things to the Boys Growing Up Now: Young Men, Physical Violence, and Structural Violence in Post-Transition South Africa Feb 2013 Brankovic, Jasmina.
60 Profiling Torture II: Addressing Torture and its consequences in South Africa Jan 2012 Dix-Peek, D. and Bandeira, M.
61 Traumatic Stress Update (Volume 2 Number 1) Jan 2012 Dix-Peek, D.
62 Traumatic Stress Update (Volume 2 Number 2) Jan 2012 Dix-Peek, D.
63 African Union Commission Consultation with African Union Member States on Transitional Justice Jan 2012 CSVR
64 "Human Dignity Has No Nationality": A Situational Analysis of the Health Needs of Exiled Torture Survivors Living in Johannesburg, South Africa Jan 2012 Higson-Smith, C., Mulder, B. & Masitha, S.
65 Responding to the Smoke that Calls: Principles of community-level interventions for the prevention of collective violence Jan 2012 Bandeira, M. & Higson-Smith, C.
66 Towards Improving Forced Migrants’ Access to Health and Psychosocial Rights in Urban South Africa Dec 2011 Freemantle, I.
67 Towards improving forced migrant access to health and psychosocial rights in urban South Africa – a focus on Johannesburg Nov 2011 Vearey, J. and Nunez, L.
68 Promotion of the Lesotho Mounted Police Service (LMPS) HIV/Aids workplace policy Sep 2011 Themba Masuku
69 Developing a use of force policy for the South African Police Service : Workshop Report Sep 2011 Workshop Report
70 Beyond Section 49: Control of the use of lethal force Aug 2011 David Bruce
71 Lethal force: CSVR submission on the proposed amendments to Section 49 of the Criminal Procedure Act Aug 2011 CSVR
72 The smoke that calls: Insurgent citizenship and the struggle for a place in the new South Africa Jul 2011 CSVR and SWOP
73 Police and the use of force in South Africa: Time for a new approach Jul 2011 CSVR, ISS and APCOF
74 Let's end it now: Stopping sexual violence in Correctional Centres: A resource for staff May 2011 Sasha Gear
75 Profiling Torture II: Addressing Torture and its consequences in South Africa. Dec 2010 Dix-Peek, D. and Bandeira, M.
76 Anger, hatred, or just heartlessness? Defining gratuitous violence. Dec 2010 Bruce, D.
77 The land of milk and honey: A picture of refugee torture survivors presenting for treatment in a South African trauma centre Sep 2010 Bandeira, M. Higson-Smith, C. Bantjes, M. and Polatin, P.
78 Imprisoning men in Violence. Masculinity and sexual abuse: a view from South African prisons. Sep 2010 Gear, S.
79 Advocating Justice. Civil Society and Transitional Justice in Africa Aug 2010 CSVR & African Transitional Justice Research Network.
80 An Acceptable Price to Pay. The use of lethal force by police in South Africa. Aug 2010 Bruce, D.
81 Traumatic Stress Update. (Volume 1 Number 4) Aug 2010 Dix-Peek, D
82 Ending the Age of the Marginal Majority Jul 2010 Graham, L; Bruce, D and Perold, H.
83 ‘Brutal logic: violence, sexuality and macho myth in South African men’s prisons and beyond.’ Jul 2010 Gear, S.
84 Safe City Maps Jun 2010 One Voice Mobilisation and Keleketla! Library
85 Profiling Torture II: Addressing Torture and its consequences in South Africa Jun 2010 Dix-Peek, D. and Bandeira, M.
86 Traumatic Stress Update (Volume 1 Number 3) May 2010 Dix-Peek, D
87 We can prevent violence Apr 2010 csvr
88 'Towards professional use of lethal force by police in South Africa’ Apr 2010 Bruce, D.
89 Recommendations for the Promotion of the Sexual Health, Sexual Rights, Safety and Dignity of Prisoners Apr 2010 CSVR
90 CSVR 2008/2009 Annual Report Mar 2010 csvr
91 Submission on the draft amendment of Section 49 of the Criminal Procedure Act Mar 2010 csvr
92 Submission to the Portfolio Committee on Correctional Services: Prison Labour Mar 2010 csvr
93 ‘The ones in the pile were the ones going down’. Mar 2010 Bruce, D.
94 Negotiating Transition: The Limits of the South African Model for the Rest of Africa. Mar 2010 csvr
95 Traumatic Stress Update Newsletter (Volume 1 Number 2) Feb 2010 Dix-Peek, D
96 The war against the causes of crime, Advocacy for social crime prevention in the face of tougher law enforcement Dec 2009 D. Bruce, C. Gould
97 Profiling Torture 2: Addressing Torture and its consequences in South Africa Dec 2009 Dix-Peek, D. Bandeira, M. and Higson-Smith, C.
98 "Disclosure in prison settings and criminal law: Some best practice recommendations" Nov 2009 Gear, S
99 Myths and Common Concerns about Sex and Sexual Violence in Men’s Prisons. Nov 2009 Gear, S.
100 Anyone can be a rapist …' An Overview of Sexual Violence in South Africa Nov 2009 Romi Sigsworth

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