# Article Title Date Author
551 Violence and Social Change: Some effects on the workplace and some possible solutions. Aug 1991 Simpson, G.
552 Deconstructing the South African Police. Jul 1991 Rauch, J.
553 For the Sake of Our Lives: Guidelines for the creation of people's self- defence units Apr 1991 Cronin, J.
554 The South African Police: Managers of conflict or party to the conflict? Mar 1991 Olivier, J.
555 The Era of the Jackrollers: Contextualising the rise of the youth gangs in Soweto Mar 1991 Mokwena, S.
556 The Limits of Police Reform Mar 1991 Rauch, J.
557 The Human Face of Violence: Hostel dwellers speak. Mar 1991 Segal, L.
558 A Brutal Harvest: The roots and legitimation of violence on farms in SA Mar 1991 Segal, L.
559 The Indirect Effects of Political Violence on Children: Does violence beget violence? Feb 1991 Gibson, K.
560 The Myth of Rehabilitation Feb 1991 Stevens, J.
561 Overcoming Endemic Violence Against Women Jan 1991 Vogelman, L. & Eagle, G.
562 Crossing the Picket Line: Violence in industrial conflict -the case of the Afcol strike Dec 1990 Webster, E. & Simpson, G.
563 Explaining Violence in SA: Some psychoanalytic considerations Oct 1990 van Zyl, S.
564 State Violence: A study in repression Aug 1990 Coleman, M.
565 Off the Rails: Violence in the Railway Strike of 1987 Jul 1990 Segal, L. & Simpson, G.
566 The Best Kept Secret: Violence against domestic workers. Jul 1990 Motsei, M.
567 From Partisanship to Neutrality? Changing Perspectives on the Role of the SA Security Forces During Transition Jun 1990 Phillips, M.
568 Violence and the Law in the 1989 Railway Strike Apr 1990 Joffe, J.
569 The Unofficial War in Natal: Pietermaritzburg under the knife Mar 1990 Kentridge, M.
570 Reducing Violence in South Africa: The contribution business can make Mar 1990 Vogelman, L.
571 Psychology, Mental Health Care and the Future: Is appropriate transformation in a future South Africa possible? Feb 1990 Vogelman, L.
572 The Sexual Face of Violence: Rapists on Rape Feb 1990 Vogelman, L.
573 Violent Crime: Rape Feb 1990 Vogelman, L.
574 Violence and the Law: An examination of some recent trials. Oct 1989 Dison, D.
575 Murder on the Mines: Who is guilty? Sep 1989 Simpson, G.
576 The Psychology of Torture May 1989 Spitz, S.
577 The Meaning of Rural Political Violence: The meaning of the anti-witchcraft attacks Mar 1989 Ritchken, E.
578 The Role of Violence in State Security Strategies 1984 - 88. Mar 1989 Cock, J.
579 The Politics and Economics of the Armaments Industry in South Africa Mar 1989 Simpson, G.
580 Profile of a Death Row Prisoner Feb 1989 Bekker, J.
581 Growing up in Violent Situations: The South African situation Feb 1989 Shmukler, D.
582 The Development of an Appropriate Psychology: The work of the Organisation of Appropriate Social Services in South Africa Jun 1987 Vogelman, L.
583 Vigilantes: A contemporary form of repression May 1985 Haysom, H.

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